my biggest shock in tahrir square

I am a revolutionary and like all revolutionaries i spend most of my time in tahrir square and from couple of days we had a really important event wich was the first civilian prisident to be elected which was muhammed morsi all people went to the squar celebrating this fantastic event iwas really happy that day but i felt like there is something wrong will happen.time passed as people celebrating and singing .i went to a tent which belongs to the people who want the islamic rule (salafies) i sat there for a couple of hours i had my mother ,twin sister,young brother we all sat there . this tent was full of salafi men there were no women except for me my sis. and mom . it was alishaa prayer time so the men had to pray . while they were praying three women who wear wearing niqab came inside the tent and told us there are some thugs out there honestly we didnt care about what she said coz rumors were spreading all the time that there are thugs so the protestors would be affraid thats why we didnt care . but after couple of minutes i saw people fighting out there so i was watching what was happening from the tent i couldnt go out there coz it was really crowdy and the fight was getting bigger .there was a small tent infront of ours i saw it falling and it was damaged our men who were praying  finished there prayer then asked what happend i told them there is a fight out there and i didnt know what was really happening that shocked me later. some people out there were shouting OPEN THE WAY OPEN THE WAY here came the shock an english guy who i knew his name later came inside his look shows that he was in a big fight he couldnt breath . our men were fighting out there n just women who were inside the tent . a veiled woman asked the guy whats ur name what happened ??! he said am callum and my friend is out there shes having a sexual harassment  i couldnt believe it a SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN TAHRIR SQUARE !!!!!!! at that time the tent was shaking and some parts were bieng torn i couldnt do anything except yelling and shouting at those thugs who want to break into the tent . at that moment one of salafi men came in after a veeryyy long fight with those thugs holding an english girl covered with a bed sheet ,she was half fainted and this was my BIGGEST SHOCK what the hell is happening here i couldnt believe my eyes what i heared was right there were thugs that sexually harrased that poor girl . the men were still fighting out there coz those thugs that dont know any thing about huminity wanted to break into the tent and continue what they were doing . i was shouting and yelling  in a hesterial way . callum was crying when he saw her . we had to calm him down . all the women in the tent where arround the poor girl which i knew later that her name is NATASHA . i was searching for any clothes to make her wear . a guy gave me a pair of trousers and another brought a shirt we made her wear it after we calmed her down we had to make her wear burka on her head so when she go outside she wont be recognised by the thugs . (we forgot a very important thing which were a pair of shoes .)we  also brought to callum another shirt . an ambulance came to the tent but we refused to put her there. we wanted to trick those thugs as they were still outside . we made the ambulance drive away empty so they will think shes inside and go there way . we had to keep them in the tent for a about quarter n hour because of the thugs out there . when we felt that its safe out there we told them that they have to leave seperatly so they wont recognise them . we made natsha go first with a salafi guy as if he is her husband . after a while a we let callum go out side with another guy . women were crying for what they have seen acctualy i wasnt crying but shocked and affraid that if those thugs recognise the couple again what would happen . we were waiting fearfuly and unpatiently for the guys to tell us that the couple is safe . after a while the two guys who were with natasha and callum came in . i was really thankful when i knew that the couple is safe now . one of the guys told us that natasha was barefoot so he had to give her his shoes then they gave them money so that they can go their way with a taxi . after that we had to clean the mess. some of us were putting their laptops and some stuff at the end of the tent but it was stolen . the tent was damaged but we cleaned the mess . after a while abt an hour maybe the same thugs came back they were sexualy harrasing another poor girl but this time she is egyptian .she had her husband but he coldnt do anything infront of all these thugs .our men went out figting again but this time all of the woman escaped from the tent except for me,my twin sister and mom ,my young brother also was there . at that time the tent was really shaking badly we couldnt do any thing about it . at that time we had to escape outside the ten because it was completly damaged i couldnt save any think except for my bag and a laptop for a guy that we know . we ran and ran and ran till we were far from the square we had to take a taxi because we were parking our car on kasr elnil bridge when we were there we called a man who was in the tent to know what happend to them firstly and then to meet him so he can take the laptop which i saved . he and another two men met us and told us the hole story . they told us that the girl had sexual harrasment and they torn her clothes and she was naked exactly like what happend to natasha . but they saved her . they lost every thing there important stuff were stolen thrre tent was completly destroyed. most of them had damages in their bodies coz of the fight . we gave them the laptop and we had to go home after what happend. i had mixed feeling when i was returning back home depressed ,shocked, very affraid alot and alot of feelings that i cant describe  untill now. i went back home and went to sleep i had a nightmare that night . thr next day i was searching the internet when i saw that what happend to natasha the previous day  was spreading on the internet and after that she had some interviews with international channels like CNN i was really sad that this issue was spreading so people would think that thats what egypt is or that is islam . but at the same time i was happy and thankful for natasha because she was fair enough to explain to people that this is not egypt and you will find evil people every where not in egypt only . i want to thank you natasha for your fairness and i apologise for you instead of all of egypt we are sorry and i want to tell you that you are welcome any time and you have to come again soon and continue your documentary egypt is waiting for you and next time i hope you are not allgeric to peanuts any more so when i give you a snickers you can eat it 🙂


61 responses to “my biggest shock in tahrir square

  1. Thank you so, so much for posting this eyewitness account. I am so terribly sorry that another Egyptian lady was abused that night. I am so glad you were able to return home safely. I am eternally grateful to you for helping to save my life. Thank you and god bless you.

    • its my job natasha you dont have to be sorry i am the one that have to be sorry for what happend to you and that we couldnt save you earlier..i am also glad thet you returned back home ❤ i am waiting for you to come back and continue your documentary .. i hope to meet you when you come next time 🙂

  2. Thank you for helping save my daughter’s life.
    Thank you for bravely coming forward and telling us your account and feelings about what happened.
    You and all Egyptians like you are true heroes.
    I hope the other lady who was attacked will soon make a full recovery.

    • aww you are her mother ?? we are really sorry about what happend to your daughter . we didnt do except our job . i hope that she is okay now .. we are waiting for her to continue her documentary . i apologise again 🙂

  3. What a shame on “Arab spring” which claims to fight for democracy and defeats mighty armies with guns and tanks but …….. fails to bring so called “thugs” to justice against inhuman crime for innocent woman guest, lets hope Morsi will bring justice to the perpetrators of such crime soon and as per traditions would hang them in public , after all this is the genuine punishment for crime ! God save the world from such revolutions , gone are the days of Gandhi , nelson Mandela and Su kyi !

    • what did this crime are thugs and criminals . and the arab revolutions were made on the dectatorial regimes not on those they are still there. and they are every where not only in arab countries

  4. we are sorry for that, Islam and our traditions prohibit such doings, we are really sorry

  5. Thank you for this account. More women need to come forward and tell the world about sexual harassment and vicious primitive attitudes to women…not only in Egypt, but everywhere and every time it happens.
    Who are these thugs? They are doing terrible damage to the image of Egypt, Islam & the revolution. Who’s behind them? Why aren’t the authorities at least trying to do something about them? Or maybe they ARE the ones who are behind them?

    • of course the authorities are behind them to damage specefically tahrir square and revolutionaries and for general islam and job is to say what i know and to show to ppl who is the real criminal

    • real muslims saved her but the muslims who dont abide by the islamic rule and just imitate westerns did this to her .. btw you are so elemental

    • @kafir: What a stupid answer… re-read the article, the people who saved Natasha were apparently religious muslim people (some of them were even salafis!) it is not as simple as muslim=bad / non-muslim=good . In every country there is criminality this is not related to religion

  6. thank you natasha for sayin that evil people are everywhere and it’s not all of egypt 🙂

      • Agree that evil people are everywhere but not everywhere are women randomly attacked in public places. Something is going on in Egypt that is rotton. What is it?

      • because now we dont have police or we have it but they dont do there job we have no law we have nothing .. at the same time we have thugs like every country so they arent afraid of anything so they do whatever they want to do .. there is something else that the exregime want these thugs to be free especially in tahrir square to distores the square and revolutionaries .. thats it

  7. Thank God for brave men and women. It can be very annoying that where you have great people fighting for a good cause,you would find a few bad eggs just out to rubbish all the effort. Kudos to natasha though for her fair reportage, even in the midst of her pain and the boldness to speak out against such inhumane acts. I hope for the sakes of all good people fighting great causes that this really stops. It’s a total shame to have this take place in such a historical place like Tahrir square.

    • we do our best to keep the historical place without impurities . and to keep our visitors and forigners safe from any harm . its our job

  8. This proves even more to me that you are a scam artist. You created a fake blog (this was the first and only entry of a blog, and it also happens to be on the same wordpress platform as yours) in order to try to prove that there was a witness to your story? How dreadful of you. You have lost all credibility as a journalist, Natasha.

    • am an egyptian girl what the hell are you saying i can just talk to you in arabic if you want to prove that am not her.. why are you thinking that way theres no one who can claim that something like this happend to him/her just to catch the eyes or to make more the blog more viewed for example

  9. msfizzy, im so glad you were there, so brave and able to help Natasha, thank you, and for speaking out now. 🙂

    • i wasnt by myself there are people who helped her more than i did .. you are welcome i did what i had to do thats my job 🙂 you are welcome again 🙂

  10. hahahahahaha you people sound weird really you just want to talk about any body in a bad way how can i prove i am egyptian and i was there when natasha had the accident??! tell me something to do to prove i am an egyptian girl .

    • even if you give all the proofs people would say those are fake proofs 🙂 so dont bother. Personnally as an Egyptian woman I know how terrible sexual harrasment can be terrible in our country, even if I know its not everybody everywhere! Those thugs are just criminals that have nothing to do with revolution!

      • i just feel that i harmed natasha more when i wrote about it just beacause ppl wil think that shes a liar thats why i wanna proove to them i am an egyptian and i saw what happend i just wanted to help

      • YOU didnt hurt Natasha, the thugs who assaulted her did!! And its always the same people try to put the fault and guilt on the VICTIM!! so unjust

  11. Thanks God that Natasha was saved from those thugs…
    I’m Egyptian and feel ashamed that those animals are counted on Egypt.. Shit Happens!!!

    • they arent animals even animals dont do like what they did i am also ashamed that those thugs are egyptians but eveery where have thugs

  12. Thank you msfizzy1, intelligent compassionate people know that incidents like you describe are not representative of people of faith and certainly not of Egyptians in general. I have no doubt the actions of your family and friends in helping others in need is a much more accurate portrayal of true Egyptians. It would be a better world if we all reflect on those actions rather than the minority thugs.

    Thank you again for your compassion and truth.

  13. Thankyou for posting this and for helping Tash. I wish you the best of luck in liberalising Egypt.

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