why is there so mean people at this world ???!

yeah there are so many rude people i dont believe it !!!
why do people trust the liars and dont trust the  the truthfull and honest ones  what happend to this damn world ??!!! the story is that am an egyptian girl .. i had an a blog on wordpress long time ago . i forgot its password acctualy i didnt care coz i had nothing to write .. last week i saw an accident it was a sexual harrasment to an english girl then to an egyptian at the same day .. i joined in helping the girls .. and i returned back home .. the next day when i was searching the internet i saw that someone was talking about the accident and i recognised that she was natasha and i’v read the comments and saw that some people called her liar … so i had to make another blog just to tell my witness and to tell the story from my point of view i mean (egyptian ones point of view) i didnt imagine that some people can “say that i am natasha and i did a new blog and tell the story as if i am egyptian just to say i dont lie ” how the hell does those people think .. why does she do something like this or even to claim that she had this horrible accident whyyyy???!!! she wont gain anything  from claiming this ..you know…. someone told me to record what happend with a cam corder but i didnt want to. just because i didnt to annoy natasha …at last i dont want to talk about what happend again because maybe natasha will be annoyed that this issue is spreading widely i just wanna say i swear i am egyptian i didnt know natasha at all and even when i saw her when she had the accident  i didnt know that she is a journalist and that what happend to her could spread that way it came by accident


4 responses to “why is there so mean people at this world ???!

  1. you know i didnt know that i could harm her more by writing my eyewitness i should have think about it before i do it .. but if you want me to do something to prove i am egyptian just tell me and i will do it
    dont just accuse ppl for something they didnt do why do you call her a liar why didnt you call lara logan the journalist that had an accident before her a liar ???!!

  2. No, you have not harmed her by telling the truth! These people are just mad and don’t want to admit that these things happen. You are good and brave for helping her, bless you. Please continue writing in English for us foreigners, your writings are very valuable. Thankyou so much. x

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